The Prince of the Silver Age

Значительные или нет упоминания Гумилева в новостях, интервью и пр.
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The Prince of the Silver Age

Сообщение Akmay » 24 май 2011, 13:51

Интервью Ольги Медведко на "Радио Голос России". (на английском) ... 64005.html

Today I will be talking about the great Silver Age poet, Nikolai Gumilev, who was married to Anna Akhmatova and who was murdered by the Bolsheviks in 1921 at the age of 35 when he was at the height of his powers—which was a tremendous loss to world literature. I say “world literature” despite the fact that, though Gumilev is one of the most highly regarded poets amongst Russians, his work is comparatively little known in English translation. Gumilev stayed banned throughout the Soviet period, but that is only one reason: another is the subtle, delicate nature of his poetry which is so hard to render in translation. I am talking about this great poet with Olga Medvedko, linguist, and Michael Basker, professor from Bristol University.

Скачать передачу можно непосредственно с ruvr, а можно с нашего сайта, "ужатую" до 11 мегабайт версию, на ruvr она около 40 мегабайт.

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