"Слово" ("The Name", англ.)

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"Слово" ("The Name", англ.)

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When the earth was watching Lord with tremor
Handling its demanded overhaul,
Name restrained the sun from daily travel,
Name tore down Jericho's wall.

Eagle's wings went paralyzed entire,
Stars fled to the crescent terrified
When the Name a-swam like salmon fire
In the unintelligible height.

While the numbers were for plow cattle,
Livestock of the low daily life.
As all shades of meaning one can settle
In a smart and docile number line.

Venerable patriarch, gray-haired,
Having mastered good's and evil's end,
To rely on sound hardly dared,
Scrabbled instead a number on the sand.

We forgot that Name, in daily losses,
Is the one reliever off the shelf
And the simple equation of the Gospel
Telling us the Name is God Himself.

Petty matter let we put a limit
On it, as a desolated hive.
And as honeybees left starving in it,
Names are rotting, no longer live.

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