видео иллюстрация к поэме Н.Гумилева "Открытие Америки&

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видео иллюстрация к поэме Н.Гумилева "Открытие Америки&

Postby mermaid22222 » 06 Apr 2008, 20:23


видео с английскими субтитрами. Поэма "Открытие Америки" Песнь четветрая
We climbed up the mountain ridge
so far above the eagle's nest
The evening dropped its golden robe
and laid it down in the west
In the sky the stars begun to sparkle; from below
came darkness of azure

Muse you are in feverish tremble
The gaze is burning and your curls a mess
What's happening to you? The riddles are solved
We have untangled this puzzling net
Calm down Muse, to sing
a voice is needed clear like brass

With the voice so deep and crystal clear
Glory to the pyramid-like poplars
me and you will now sing
Glory to the rivers shining gold
To the rosy trees and almond
And all that we observe together

New world like a girl innocent
Who will spill virginal blood?
Who by screeching of the saws, as by a wine goblet
will mesmerize yet empty forest
With the sharp plow slit this new land
and will pay with suffering for love?

I know! Heart of girls is void of passion
Nobody will torture like them
A little light of swamps will poison darkness
Unclear noise will wrap a soul in fog
A dangerous jaguar will creep
to your dwellings victor

A cry... a movement... and will sink in an abyss
that has less stars than a night of the North
a gaze which has seen too much
Here love carries with itself an illness
Here plants are covers for sweet poison
And the Gods converse about the blood

To no avail! The will of men
Could not be barred by poison nor by gods
At the bottoms of the caves, at the shores
of quiet rivers, at the thickets and the ditches
Everywhere, everywhere close and far
Human conversations are to sing and pass

Rise up the curtain of the bygone time
Be blown away the magic of twilight!
Every fallen is to be revenged
by a force of a return impact
The call of freedom here will Washington proclaim
and swift as lightning will pass Pizarro

A girl who used to play with fate
Will become a tender wife
Dear co-partner in work
Waterfalls with icy foam
Islets forgotten in swamps
for the spiritual life you will awake!

One by one the towns will appear
there children's laughter is to splash; and granddads
begin calm conversations
remembering past times
But the daring madmen, those will leave for places
where the banner of freedom hasn't yet flown

Because their god is a god of unfaithfulness!
A traveler, he is walking over starry sowing
Every moment seeking transformations
The whiteness of his naked knees,
Sigh, which sounds like a sunny song
Are dreamt about only by angels and virgins

Strange god, unfamiliar with evil
Honest as a flying arrow
Rejecting equally a circle or a corner
Slim god with the soul drunk on dreams
With light and swift steps
Walking far and far away, over the worlds

You voice, oh Muse is like a horn, -
That horn is your relation, jolly god!
Those lips of a pink coral
You have once kissed in the sky
You have already touched those legs
With their shade of a pale opal

Name us his commandment
Give us a sign that you came from there
Till now every messenger was Judas
We are tired. We are so thirsty for a miracle
We are thirsty for the true love
Be like god: walk, fly, swim!

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